Today's Online Feature Flashback

Welcome to my blog & my new website! I was reminded the other day about this editorial -"Romantic Poetic Wedding Style" when Today's Bride put a link to the feature in their bio on their Instagram. The shoot was inspired by a capsule collection of custom made embroidered dresses by designer Maureen Denymn- Embroidered on back of one the dresses in the collection is the poem "How do I love thee?" by victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Barrett Browning was married to poet Robert Browning. I was inspired by the dress to reimagine their romance through a modern lens. I shot the editorial as a two part series. I was so pleased how whimsical and fairytale like this series pictured turned out to be. I hope you like them too! The bouquet from Lena's Flower Designs was breathtaking. Consulting and working with Lena this year on a few projects has been amazing. She's just a stellar human being. I highly recommend her for your events.

This second part of the editorial "Something Blue" appeared in print in the fall issue of Today's Bride.

The editorial was shot at the beautiful light filled Mint Room Studios in Toronto. The studio boasts so many well thought out spaces. It's perfect space for editorials, family portraits, engagement & wedding portraits.

This article also reminded that this being year end has been a massive year of growth for me. I'm thrilled to have been featured three times this past spring & summer on Todays's online. I was featured in print in both Destination Wedding Magazine and Today's Bride, as well other blogs. I'm thankful that these editorials give the chance for couples to check out and connect with my work. I'm over the moon to have been featured in their August print magazine issue. I've been a busy lady this year in the studio! I love the process of putting together an creative editorial vision and set design, and working with vendors to see it through. I'm attention detailed, and this process puts me in my happy place.

There's quite a few exciting things that I've planned for 2020. I look forward to doing some bridal shows, and getting to meet new couples. I look forward to doing some mentorship with some photographers that I really admire. I'm going to be testing some new photo gear courtesy of some generous vendors. I like learning new skills and connecting with like minded creative individuals. I will definitely be back in the studio creating and experimenting. Cheers to a beautiful 2020!

Here's the link to the article and the full vendor credits