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Hi, I'm Trish

I document love inclusively, candidly & Kindly

I'm a camera and Star Wars nerd. I'm coffee motivated. My creative hero is the late Jim Henson. He did not seem to be afraid to approach the creative life differently. I live a happy life in Toronto. I have lots of love, and support for the things I do. I am truly lucky.
My first job as a teen was at a local camera shop. I sold gear, loaded film into cameras for customers. I loved this job.

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 My photographic style is candid & photojournalistic. I find this puts clients at ease. A natural style of capture takes off the pressure, and let's you just be yourself. I'll be there nudge things along and guide you. No worries. I'm here for you.

I bought my first serious camera from a girl in the photo lab. This trusty Nikon started a lifetime love affair with photography. There is nothing better than being praised for an image I have taken. It truly makes my day! I strive for it each time I pick up my camera.

I'm a little social media shy. I maintain all the social profiles, but it's simply not me. It does not serve me in a meaningful way. Call me old school. I'm very okay with it. I've loved working in the hospitality industry. I like think I'm pretty good at it, because I really like people. I enjoy getting to know people through their stories. It might be the reason I love photography. Each photograph is a unique story & time stamp.

I'm happy you have found me in this little corner of the internet. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation, I'm most happy to meet you in your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, or set a zoom call. Drop me a message with any questions you may have.


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