Why do an engagement session?.....

Engagement session photos can be used for several purposes save the dates, photos for receiving tables, a photo guestbook, wedding website, Wedding e-invites and more. 

One of the most important reasons to do an engagement session is to get comfortable in front of the camera, especially if you are camera shy. You will be pleasantly surprised that out that there's no reason to be camera shy, because what you will be doing in front of the camera are things that you do every day. I will be helping you out with prompts versus posing. It gives you a great trial run of what to expect on your wedding day.



  • I will ask you to choose more than one day that you will be available to do your engagement session particularly if you are choosing an outdoor session. Weather can be unpredictable and my goal is to get the best shots I can, and for it to be an stress-free experience.  
  • I will be watching the weather the week of your session. We can agree a few days before your session if we need to cancel and institute a backup date. That way you can cancel any grooming appointments necessary with sufficient notice. 
  • I prefer to shoot my outdoor sessions in the last two hours before sunset. You can check Google calendar to see what time the sun will set on any day of the calendar year. This is a great planning tool for your wedding day, I highly recommend taking a few sunset photos on your wedding day. Totally worth it.

  • Why do I do this? Shooting in the last two hours before sunset generally give more flattering portraits, skin tones look softer and it gives a dreamy look to the photos. Also, in the late afternoon I can set aperture wide open on my camera so those backgrounds melt away and the focus is on my subjects.  


  • Go with your gut. A good starting place might be to revisit where you first met or any place that might hold memories for you as a couple. There are plenty of beautiful outdoor locations across Ontario.  Need some help. I'm happy to provide a list of suggestions and happy to drive to a beautiful location to your session. Also if there is another location you would like to shoot at the same day that's close by I'm more than happy to oblige.
  • Check if your location requires a permit.

How about a studio session? For those who might be more naturally confident in front of the camera there are plenty of beautiful light filled studios across Toronto and the GTA which might appeal to your couples session (Blog post coming soon of some of my favourites)

Dundurn Castle, Hamilton

Guild Inn Park, Scarborough


Choose more than one outfit for your session.  It gives variety to your gallery. Think one casual outfit and maybe a dressier option like something you might wear on a date night or an occasion.

-Make sure the clothing fits you well and you're comfortable and confident in your outfit. 

-Avoid busy patterns.

-I personally like neutrals and pastels they photograph well.

-Don't match but compliment each other in color palette.

-Dress for the season and the occasion. If you are venturing outdoors, make sure that the clothing and footwear is appropriate for the terrain. Remember to bring extra shoes. 

-Still not sure about your outfit- text me a pic.

-There are clothing rental companies in the city that carry up to date special occasion garments if you are going for a second more formal look and don't necessarily want to purchase a new outfit. 

-Accessories- I tend to feel that less is more in this category. A lot of jewelry can distract from your engagement ring and or even get caught or twisted up.

-I do suggest a light makeup application or a professional makeup artist for your session if you are planning makeup for your wedding day. It's a great opportunity if you can arrange to have your make up wedding trial and coordinate it for the same time as your session so you can give your wedding day look a trial run. If you have several events around your wedding see if your makeup artist provides lessons, she also might have a great Instagram or TikTok with some great getting ready tips.  

-Remember to do your nails your hands will be focused on in some shots.

There are plenty of suggestions on what to wear to engagement shoots on Pinterest. Pinterest is also a great resource for prompt posing for engagement sessions. You can find some of my boards and pins here for engagement session inspiration.

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